Superheroes by Jack Stem

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Christian Bale (my personal favorite) as

"The Dark Knight"

Click the link above to see the trailer for Christopher Nolan's sequel to "Batman Begins"  The Dark Knight


Adam West as "The Batman". Click on the picture to go to Adam West's homepage.

Keaton as the "The World's Greatest Detective" 

This is the statue I used as a model for the portrait of Michael Keaton as The Batman


If you like any and all incarnations of Batman, then you have to visit this site:

Batman Unmasked 


Michael Keaton as "The Caped Crusader" 

Christopher Reeve as "Superman" Click the picture to go to the Superman Homepage. 

George Reeves as "The Man of Tomorrow". Click the picture to go to the George Reeves web site. There is also a George Reeves Memorial site.

Check out this fantastic web site, Glass House Presents: The Official George Reeves Hall of Fame. It contains so much info about Reeves that it will take hours to peruse the whole site. Well worth the visit!!

Kirk Alyn as "The Man of Steel" . Click the picture to go to the Wikipedia Superman section.

Brandon Routh as "The Last Son of Krypton"  Click on the picture to go to the Official Superman Returns web page.








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